SEWC slogan and General themes

SEWC slogan

R. SUNDARAM, President, SEWC December 31, 2021

As you all know there are many parts of the world which are affected, of late, by natural disasters. It is understood that this is due to the main fact that climate controls are not being implemented effectively. The other cause may be due to the climate changes on account of global warming and the likely effects are sea-level rise, increase in temperatures of air and water, storms, flood, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. which amounts to natural disasters.

As you are kindly aware many worldwide Organizations, Environmental Groups, in association with governmental agencies in their respective countries, and WHO are undertaking various projects to implement climate controls and making awareness campaigns to minimize global warming so as to bring down the impact/intensity of the disasters in the future.

I strongly feel that SEWC should also join in the program in whatever way possible and in this context, I recommend that SEWC, as a beginning, must adopt the ‘Slogan “Climate Anomalies” where the members must strive hard in their countries to stimulate ways, methods approaches in the direction of controlling emissions of Carbon Dioxide, etc. to reduce disaster risk and disaster losses.

It will be great even if a little effort is made in this direction.

It is important that SEWC must try to contribute to this direction and also propagate and campaign in a big way towards the reduction of emissions.

In this context, I would strongly recommend that SEWC as a beginning, introduce the slogan “CLIMATE ANOMALIES” on the new web page of SEWC in support of the campaign.

General themes discussing in SEWC

R. SUNDARAM, President, SEWC December 31, 2021

The congress will deal with all aspects of structural engineering including technical and professional practice issues. In addition, there will be extensive technical exhibits and workshops/seminars.

The following general themes will be addressed:
1. Aesthetics
2. Structural engineering with conventional and new materials,
3. Analysis, design and construction of structures in the 21st century,
4. Experimental test of materials, members and structures,
5. Extending life for new and existing structures,
6. Structural engineering to mitigate natural and man-made hazards,
7. Professional practice of structural engineering,
8. Structural engineering education.
9. Standards and methods for their global development and maintenance,
10. Risk management, total quality management, quality assurance/quality control of design and construction,
11. Community service - outreach to developing nations,