The SEWC aims to cover major aspects pertaining to contemporary technical and professional issues affecting the structural engineering profession worldwide and to highlight the profession's impact and its interface with the societies. It also re-iterates the impact of the structural engineering profession on societies reflected by excellent public image, standing and credibility of structural engineers. SEWC gives an excellent platform for structural engineering professionals to interact with each other and to learn more about what is happening in the world of structural engineering now and the trends in the future.

SEWC Inc. is an entirely independent organization with its own Board of directors and officers which were chartered and incorporated in 1994 as a continuing organization to facilitate the planning and organizing of a Structural Engineers World Congress at intervals of about every four years in different parts of the world.

Current Board Members of Structural Engineers World Congress Worldwide:

1. Prof. Akira Wada, Japan, President
2. R. Sundaram, India [ Immediate past President ]& President Emeritus
3. Prof. Narendra K Srivastava, Canada, Mentor
4. Prof. Ing. Enzo Siviero, Italy, Vice President
5. Prof. Seung Deog Kim, South Korea, Vice President
6. Dr. James R. Cagley, USA
7. Prof. A. H-S. Ang, USA
8. Prof. Sung Pil Chang, South Korea
9. Prof. Ding Jiemin, China
10. Prof. Juan Gerardo Oliva Salinas, Mexico
11. Prof. Gorun Arun, Turkey
12. Dr. Lim Peng Hong, Singapore
13. Dr. Abhishek Murthy, Singapore
14. Dr. Knut Stockhusen
15. Prof. Romuald Tarczewslo. Poland
16. Dr. Ing Mauro Eugenio Giuliani, Italy
17. Prof. Ken'ichi Kawaguchi, Japan
18. Prof. Maria E. Moreyra Garlock, USA
19. Prof. Satwant S Rihal, USA

The founding organizations of SEWC Inc. are:

- American Concrete Institute International [ ACI ]
- International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures [ IASS ]
- Japan Structural Consultants Association [ JSCA ]
- National Council of Structural Engineers Associations [ NCSEA ]
- Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE [ SEI/ASCE ]
- Structural Engineers Association of California [ SEAOC ]

International Advisory Board of SEWC Inc.:

The recommendation by Mr. Sundaram to constitute an International Advisory Board of SEWC Inc. has been approved by the Board unanimously. Initially the followings were invited to be members of the Advisory Board:
1. Dr. Katsumi Yano, Japan
2. Mr. William F Baker, USA
3. Mr. Leslie Robertson, USA
4. Prof. Jan B Obrebski, Poland
5. Dr. Gian Carlo Giuliani, Italy

It is very unfortunate that both Mr. Leslie Robertson and Professor Jan Bogdan Obrebski passed away recently.
The International Advisory Board will be expanded shortly.