Greeting from President

Prof. Akira Wada Japan.

Prof. Akira Wada, the 3rd and the current SEWC President, is a Doctor of Engineering and Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, is an outstanding structural engineer and well known in the field. Prof. Akira Wada was formally inducted as the new President in the Virtual/Zoom SEWC Board Meeting held on 6th May, 2022

I am greatly honored to become a president of the Structural Engineers World Congress, today.
Dr. K. Yano and Dr. Roland Sharp produced the First Structural Engineers World Congress in 1998 in San Francisco, the second SEWC was held in Yokohama in 2002.
After this Symposium, the SEWCs were held in many countries. I visited many countries and India, and Bangalore many times invited by President R. Sundaram.
I made a new home page for the SEWC and start to support the next SEWC in Seoul Korea 2023.
When the influences of Covid-19 become small, I would like to visit many countries and discuss structural engineering.
We, structural engineers, have a mission to make the world a better place to live.
I will do my best and please support us more.
Last, I thank President R. Sundaram, Prof. Narendra K Srivastava and all of the board members of the SEWC for your great effort to support the activities of the SEWC long years.

Akira Wada
President, Structural Engineers World Congress

Akira Wada, Dr. Eng.

Professor Emeritus
Structural Engineer for Architectures and buildings
Expert Earthquake Engineering Specialist
Tokyo Institute of technology Dr. Akira Wada, recipient of the 2019 SEWC Roland Sharpe Medal, President of SEWC and Professor Emeritus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is considered to be a Japan’s leading expert in structural engineering with a specific focusing on seismic design, base isolation and passive controlled. Dr. Wada’s contributions to the field of science and technology and connections in Japanese academic and government circles make him uniquely qualified to lead and consult on a wide variety of projects.
Since becoming Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1982, Dr. Wada has held a number of important positions, including serving as President of ANCER and chairing the CTBUH Japan Chapter since its formation in 2010. In 2014, he was elected President of the Japan Seismic Isolation Association. He also has served as President of the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ, 2011.6-2013.5).


Structural Engineer at Nikken Sekkei LTD.
(Tokyo, 1970.4-1981.12, structural design of tall buildings and space structures)
Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
(Tokyo, 1982.1- 1989.10, structural design of architectures and buildings)
Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
(Tokyo, 1989.11-2011.3, structural design of architectures and buildings and earthquake engineering)

Research experience

Buckling Restrained Bracing System (1978- now, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nippon Steel Cooperation, basic concept, structural design and tests)
Damage Controlled Structures for Earthquake Prone Countries (1990-now, Tokyo Institute of Technology and MIT, basic concept and actual structural applications to many buildings)
Seismic Isolation Technology (1982-now, Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Tokyo Institute of Technology and Architectural Institute of Japan, basic concept and structural Design)


The Grand Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan “International Collaborative research and development on the seismic design of Architectural Structures” (2019.5)
SEWC Roland Sharpe Medal (Structural Engineers World Congress) (2019.4)
Fazlur R. Khan Lifetime Achievement Medal of CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) (2011.11)
Special Award of Japanese Society of Steel Construction (2006.11)
The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Engineering (2003.5)
The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Research Thesis (1995.5)
Academic Title:Professor Emeritus
University education:Tokyo Institute of Technology Institution/organization:Tokyo Institute of Technology
Personal Information:Date of birth and place-January 11, 1946 Okayama, Japan
Languages: Japanese, English
Address:1-521 Ookurayama 4-5, Kohoku-ku Yokohama 222-0037
E-mail address:wada{@}

Former SEWC Presidents

Late Roland L. Sharpe [1994-2007], USA

The first and the founding SEWC President, a prominent structural engineer of USA
[member of SEI-ASCE and other organizations] until 2007.

R. Sundaram [ 2007-2022 ], India

Mr. Sundaram, the 2nd SEWC President is, a prominent structural engineer and a practising architect of India [ member of International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures [IASS] and other organizations, member of IASS Advisory Board, President – SEWC Worldwide from 2007-2011 re-elected for another term 2011-2015 and once again re-elected for the 3rd term from 2015-2019 and for the 4th term : 2019-till May 2022.

President Emeritus of SEWC Inc.

R. Sundaram [ 2007-2022 ], India

is formally inducted as the President Emeritus of SEWC in the Virtual/Zoom SEWC Board Meeting held on 6th May, 2022

Mentor of SEWC Inc.

Prof. N.K. Srivastava, Canada

Founding Member/Senior Vice President – SEWC is formally inducted as the 'Mentor' of SEWC Inc. on a permanent basis in the Virtual/Zoom SEWC Board Meeting held on 6th May, 2022